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About Us

About Wedge ManufacturingMachining superior quality, high-precision, small complex parts since 1998, Wedge was established to deliver this expertise to the market.

Located in a 16,000 ft2 facility in Birmingham, Alabama, Wedge's reputation for excellence soon reached industries where precision is required.

Currently, we serve primarily the medical industry where the requirements for precision are unrelenting. And we are proud to fulfill this highly specialized niche.

Wedge Mfg. Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 International Standards. In addition, Wedge is registered with the US Department of State as an ITAR compliant facility. We offer quality plan agreements to ensure all your requirements and expectations are met.

Our reputation is our most important asset. It has taken us a long time to build it, and we'll do everything in our power to protect it. After all, it only takes a moment to lose it. That's why we strive to perform every moment of every day. And that's how we earn repeat business.

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"I was so impressed with how Wedge responded that I gathered my entire company together and told them 'This is how you treat a customer.'"
- Richard (CEO)

Our Mission

A Statement of Purpose

Wedge Manufacturing Statement of PurposeWedge Manufacturing's mission is to be a competitive "Best in Class" machining, engineering, and contract manufacturing organization, distinguished in our markets for providing innovative and life-changing products, services, and solutions. Satisfying our customers' needs in all aspects of our business is our driving objective. We deliver expert solutions and quality products to help our customers maximize productivity and profitability while pursuing continual growth.

Precision Passion

"Nit-Picky" Is a Very Good Thing

Wedge Manufacturing Precision PassionAt Wedge, the term "nit-picky" is an understatement. Our Quality Management System includes certification to ISO 13485, which envelopes the requirements of ISO 9001 and adds supplementary requirements for the medical industry.

We are more than committed to quality. Better than that - we are obsessed with it. We have to be. Our customers' need for absolute precision requires it, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Know this: nowhere will you find a company more dedicated to our craft. Meeting your specific requirements - no matter how tight the tolerance may be - is always our paramount objective.

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"You guys delivered the parts four months ahead of your competition. Unbelievable! When the competition toured our facility, he noticed the parts and remarked that these were the best he had ever produced. I humbly explained to him that these were the parts produced by Wedge."
- Evan (Engineering Manager)